Internship at ZHAW Neuromorphic Computing Lab: 50%, 4 Months

von: ZHAW | Ort: Wädenswil


Life Sciences und Facility Management

Starting date:

1 th August 2024

Your role

Version 1, Technical internship:

  • You will write software to test a new smart event-based camera that we have recently built
  • You will implement and test neural-network architectures for object detection and tracking or for 3D vision using this camera
  • You will document the software and write a report about your work
  • This work can be formulated as a BSc or MSc thesis and might lead to scientific publications or dem OR

Version 2, User study internship:

  • You will help to develop questionnaires and use case scenarios (story boards) to find out the requirements, needs, and challenges for robotic assistants in healthcare
  • You will help determine the relevant stakeholders and fine-tune the interview questions to different groups
  • You will conduct the interviews online or face to face
  • You will analyze the results of the interviews and help formulate a hierarchy of use cases, their requirements and constraints and write a report about the study
  • This work may lead to a publication and can be the basis for a BSc or MSc thesis

Your profile

Option 1:

  • BSc or MSc in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or similar
  • Good programming skills (python, c++);
  • Experience with Machine Learning and/or Computer Vision and/or Robotics

Option 2:

  • BSc or MSc in Social Sciences, Humanities, or Life Sciences

This is what we stand for

Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW is one of Switzerland's largest multidisciplinary universities of applied sciences, with over 14'000 students and 3'400 faculty and staff.

Life Sciences and Facility Management: Study and research in Wädenswil: practical, creative, passionate and reflective. Our expertise in life sciences and facility management in the areas of the environment, food and health enables us to make a vital contribution to solving social challenges and improving quality of life

The ICLS Institute of Computational Life Sciences embraces computational science as an interdisciplinary approach to address complex challenges and develop innovative solutions in key areas of health, society, environment and nutrition. Our team of around 60 employees has extensive experience in managing interdisciplinary projects. The Neuromorphic Computing Group at ICLS develops advanced neural-network based algorithms, software libraries, and systems with the new generation of computing chips – brain-inspired neuromorphic sensing and computing hardware. We focus on perception, motion planning, and control for robotic actuators with applications in life sciences: healthcare, agriculture, food processing, and smart environments. We follow a human-centered design approach to develop new generation of physical AI systems that are power-efficient, adaptive, and safe.

ZHAW is committed to gender-mixed and diverse teams in order to promote equality, diversity and innovation.

What you can expect

We offer working conditions and terms of employment commensurate with higher education institutions and actively promote personal development for staff in leadership and non-leadership positions. A detailed description of advantages and benefits can be found at Working at the ZHAW. The main points are listed below:


Prof. Dr. Yulia Sandamirskaya

Manuela Laure
Recruiting Manager


Bitte beziehen Sie sich bei Ihrer Bewerbung auf Vielen Dank!

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